Kyrylo Tsarenko secures the team's third success this season at the G.P. Santa Rita

Another memorable day for Team corratec - Vini Fantini, as Kyrylo Tsarenko secures the team's third seasonal success at the G.P. Santa Rita, the opening leg of the Due Giorni Marchigiana.

The course, characterized by 8 challenging laps with a brief yet significant uphill section, witnessed Tsarenko's outstanding performance. Halfway through the penultimate lap, the Ukrainian launched a decisive attack on a slightly uphill stretch, managing to distance himself from his competitors. Despite the repeated attempts of the group to reel in the breakaway, Tsarenko held on and increased his advantage over the peloton, crossing the finish line with a one-minute lead over the second-place finisher, demonstrating great determination and strength.

"I am extremely happy about this victory," says Kyrylo Tsarenko. "It was one of my goals this season. From the very first kilometres of the race, I realized I was in very good shape, and I think it showed. I knew it would be difficult to achieve such a result without making a move, so I decided to attack with about 40 kilometres to go. It wasn't easy; 40 kilometres are a challenge, but despite that, I gave it my all, tried to manage my energy levels properly, and managed to achieve this beautiful result."