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At corratec, our first guiding principle is "Passion of Cycling".  Our priority is to serve our riders with the most innovative cycling products in the world, and to stand behind the products that we sell. This are frequently ask questions we often get to here from our riders. That is why we put them together and help you with your Question. 

What is the right frame size for me?

Please find all information in our size guide! If you still not sure which frame size will fit you perfect, please visit your local Corratec dealer!

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How do i get all information about the availablity of all corrratec products?

Dear Corratec friend, 

Thank you for your interest in our products, for the new model year or in general. The delivery and availability of the products depend on several factors, such as the time of ordering of the dealer and the respective execution (model, size, color). It is therefore not possible for the Customer Care Team to provide accurate information for individual dealers, especially as access to sales-specific systems is reserved for sales. The best you ask the availability of the desired product at a retailer. The dealer can find out about the availability in our systems or in consultation with the service team, for example when it comes to the availability of already ordered products. 

Here is our dealer locator: 

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Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards from your

Service Team

How do i find the next corratec Dealer?

Please click here  to find your local corratec Dealer! You only need to tip in your address or zip code. Afterwards you will find a selection of corratec dealers nearby.  

You also can select whether you are looking for a testcenter or a local dealer! 

If you do not find a local dealer in your area, we might not have one. Please talk to your local bikeshop and we might find a solution so you can get on your corratec bike soon! 


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Can I order products and spare parts directly from corratec?

Dear Corratec friend, 

Since we distribute exclusively through our corratec dealer Network. The purchase of corratec products take place exclusively through offical Corratec dealers. A direct purchase is not possible. Each dealer can check availability, delivery date and prices for products and spare parts in the B2B system. If an item or spare part is not listed or other ambiguities exist, your dealer will contact our service department to get the information you need.

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Enjoy your ride! 

Your Corratec Team

My corratec product is broken or needs servicing - What do i do?

Dear Corratec friend, 

Since we sell exclusively through our corratec dealer network, the process is always through our dealer. If there is a problem with your corratec product, we kindly ask you to contact your official corratec dealer where you purchased the product, along with proof of purchase, and show them the problem. He will check the whole and can then contact our service team to find a solution. If you need to visit another dealer, if the original dealer do not longer exists or the dealer does not carry Corratec, please contact an alternative corratec dealer.

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Your Corratec Team

Where do i get infos about corratec events?

Corratec is hosting Events worldwide. Please check our eventside to stay updated About all Corratec events

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Have fun testing our latest products!