Life S

The corratec Life S on the test bench at Velototal. The tester took a closer look at our new city bike. Read here their conclusion:

Customized Mud Guards

The Bavarian bicycle manufacturer corratec has launched a versatile, polarizing and provocative compact bike to the market. The clients can combine the different colors of the mud guards according to their own lifestyle. Therefore one can choose between a varity of colors: Red, blue, black, yellow and green. These can easily be exchanged on the frame at any time also after purchasing.

The Frame

The frame is available in the basic colors black and white. The unique characteristic of the frame is the special geometry that enables the rider to bring the feet on the ground while sitting comfortably in the saddle. This provides additional safety in city traffic jam. Especially if the rider has to stop promptly for instance at red traffic lights, there is no need to bypass a higher top tube and the rider can easily set the feet on the ground while remaining in the saddle. This unique selling point provides additional comfort and safety in the steady "Stop-and-Go" traffic of larg cities. Another special feature is the one-size frame that fits (almost) any body size.

The Components

The bike is equipped with special Ergo Tec EP-1 pedals. These pedals ensure that the feet can not slip off even if the riders wear light and less stable shoes like flip flops. The feets remain always stable, safe and comfortable on the pedal. Concerning the gear shift corratec equipped the entry models with the 8s Nexus system of Shimano. The top modell has the Nuvinci shifting system. Tram rails, broken glass and rough curbs are common source of danger in the urban jungle. Usual trekking bikes, do not offer the necessary safety and puncture protection. That is the reason why corratec rely on wide Innova tires 20 x 30" Inch. The bike run easily over tram tracks and deliver the required volume to absorb broken glass, stones and rough curbes in order to avoid punctures and accidents. At the same time the tire features additional comfort at a air pressure of 1,8 bar. The Bosch Active Plus engine is extremely quiet, one could say almost silently. Meanwhile the engine provides enough power, 50 Nm of torque and 250 watt power, to move forward in the tight and hectic city traffic jam. In addition the battery of either 400 or 500 watt ensures that the rider can easily ride more than 100 km without charging.


The magazine Velototal came to the following conclusion: "It's a lot of fun, looks great: We will not use the tram anymore - we prefer to ride the Life S!" (Velototal, 15th of February 2018).