• Relaxed through Nature

    For enjoyable weekend trips or for daily routines you like to use your corratec Ebike?

    With these prospects, it is essential that we develop bikes to flawlessly conform to the high demands of every day life.


  • Fast wherever you are

    The pulse is surging in your head. You feel the lactate detonating in your legs - but you do not surrender... not until you accomplish the top of the pass. Cycling is more than just a sport - it is passion and attitude.

  • Rapid Downhill!

    Your pulse rapidly increases as you gilde beyond sinuous trails. Mountainbiking is your life. At the foot of The Alps we develop the most innovative mountainbikes with passion and dedication as pioneers of the entire bicycle industry.

Experiencethe world of corratec

News  | 19.07.2017  |  Raubling

Brand new technology: SHADOW TUBE EDGE

The all new Shadow Edge Tube hides the Bosch Battery Pack completely inside the down tube and provides therefore a nice shape and look of the frame,...

Event  | 22.07.2017 - 23.07.2017  |  Nürnberg

Corratec LIFE Event Truck - Schmidt Pedelec

Our Corratec LIFE Event Truck is touring through Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is equipped with brand new corratec Life testbikes in all sizes....

Event  | 28.07.2017 – 31.07.2017  |  Bad Hersfeld

Hausmesse 2 Bad Hersfeld

Event  | 30.08.2017 – 02.09.2017  |  Friedrichshafen