E-Power X Vert 650B CX 500 Trapez

The Bike

The first question corratec had to answer was, is the corratec E-Power X-Vert 650B CX 500 a male or female bike? Neither was the answer, it’s a bike for everyone. Especially for rental stations the E-MTB would be a perfect match. The trapeze frame is made for women and men. The bike isn’t just good for rental stations but for private households which only need one E-Bike. With the trapeze frame a couple can share the same bike. But the compatibility isn’t the only advantage of the trapeze frame. An advantage is the bottle cage mount on the top tube and the low entry of the E-MTB. Additional the comfortable frame geometry, the specification on the bike is clever chosen. One highlight are the Magura MT5/MT4 brakes. For a wide gear range for everyone the Shimano 11-speed XT gearing is the perfect choice. The engine of the corratec is provided by a strong Bosch Performance CX-Line engine. In combination with the big 500Wh battery it’s the perfect companion for long rides.

Auf dem Trail

Unknowingly corratec has developed a new type of a Trekking Bike. We call it E-MTB-Trekking Bike. But how is the ride experience of an E-MTB-Trekking Bike? On the flat the corratec has the same performance than its opponents. On steep slopes the E-Power X-Vert rides very well. Due to the comfortable position on the bike and the reliable Shimano 11 speed shifting it is easy to climb steep hills. The fork can be locked with a remote from the handlebars that no power disappears unnecessarily. On the trails the Magura MT5 brakes convince. Very good breaking performance and with a T25-Torxkey the leavers can easy adjust to small hands. The Manitou Matttoc has a good damping performance. Due to the frame shape the bike has a special handling in narrow and steep trails, for traditional MTB rides the classic MTB frame from corratec is perhaps the better choice.

Model:E-Power X Vert 650b CX Trapez 500
Travel, mm:100
Engine, Brand:Bosch
Engine, Model:Performance Line CX
Weight, kg:20,87
Price, Euro:3.199


The corratec E-Power X-Vert 650B Trapez 500 is the perfect for these types of riders, who only want to ride in easy terrain. The advantages of a trapeze frame is that male and female rider with different ages can ride the same bike easily.