News 13.03.2017

World wide most stable and safest corratec eBike frame

The Bavarian bike manufacturer corratec pushes their 2017 eBike range to the next level. The engineers developed a new technology that is the new standard in safety and stability of eBikes.

The new technology name “Fusion Tube Edge” is the further development of the Fusion Tube Technology. For 2017 the Fusion Tube Edge Technology the comb structure is added an edge for more stability and stiffness. That means more stability and safety with the same amount of weight. With the help of the new technology the maximum weight of the frames can pushed up to 130kg. Result: world wide most stable and safest corratec ebike frame. There are another advantages of the new frame technology: The mobile battery integration and the new internal cable routing make it more practicable in everyday life.

Precisely: The battery is now much more integrated, that makes a very beautiful shape of the frame but, the battery can still be removed. That is an surplus for every city biker that do not have a garage to fill up the battery. Another new ebike feature 2017 is the Integrated Engine Technology for Bosch- engines. The engineers developed a bottom bracket for the engine that spread the power of the engine perfectly, another surplus is the new designed housing of the engine that prevends external influences like dirt and rockfall. Ever 2017 eBikes from corratec are equipped with the all new eBike features “Fusion Tube Edge” and “Integrated Engine Technology”. With this new developments the Bavarian bike manufacturer strengthen its pioneering role.

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