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Velomotion releases the corratec e-trekking, city & urban novelties

The german magazine Velomotion presented the new E-Trekking, City & Urban collection on 14th of November 2017, as well as the brand new Shadow Edge Tube technology with the integrated Power Tube from Bosch. Above all, corratec LifeS and corratec Life were highlighted as two special highlights. Read the conclusion of Michael Faiß:


"The new E-Citybike stands on small 20" wheels, which in turn come with wide balloon tires. The orientation is clear: The bike should be an equally stylish as practical companion for the city. The One Size Fits All frame, with its low-profile geometry, allows the feet to be placed comfortably on the ground when stopping, without having to move out of the saddle.

In contrast to the brand new Life S, the corratec Life is something of an old acquaintance in the portfolio of the manufacturer from Upper Bavaria. Whether due to illness, age or overweight: The corratec Life offers here very good conditions to grant a pleasant and easy start here.

The corratec C29 comes with wide 29-inch tires for extra comfort and traction off the beaten track - a great choice for those who want to take their bikes apart from everyday riding with their e-bikes.

The E-Power 28 comes with classic 28 inch trekking tires and is a good allrounder.

Somewhat more exotic in terms of its wheel size comes from the E-Power 26 low beginner. These bikes are equipped with the 26-inch standard that many have already declared "dead." However, the choice makes sense for some applications: The smaller wheels are usually stiffer and more stable than their large counterparts and the wheel is noticeably more agile with a smaller turning circle due to the shorter wheelbase; especially in the narrow city centers a very positive side effect.

New in the model year 2018 is the Shadow Edge Tube technology. The all new Shadow Edge Tube protects the Bosch Battery Pack completely inside the down tube. Special reinforcements provide stability and a clever mechanism facilitates removal, despite the hollow interior. A total of four E-Power models will be available in 2018 with integrated batteries in the frame. "(, Michael Faiß, 14th of November, 2017)


More information about Life S can be found: HERE.

The corratec Life can be found: HERE.

The full article of Velomotion can be read: HERE

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