News 09.11.2017

Velomotion presents e-bike innovations 2018

Velomotion presents on 23.10.17 the new e-bike range from corratec.


Probably the biggest innovation in the e-bike sector in 2018 is the widespread distribution of the integrated batteries.

In the coming year, Corratec will use energy storage in the down tube of all E-MTBs. Bosch supplies the PowerTube 500 battery, which thanks to its compact, elongated shape can be integrated very well in the frame. At Corratec this is called Shadow Edge Tube. It makes the battery completely disappear in the frame and thus ensures a shapely and clear look. Nevertheless, the battery can be easily removed from the frame for charging. This intelligent cover mechanism was developed by corratec and is already patent pending. Along these pages run all the cables and wires, which can be reached so quickly and easily in a maintenance or repair case. On the other hand, one has also thought about an elegant attachment of the battery. This is quite an issue, especially frequent travelers will certainly take the battery during the tour from time to time and hang on the net.


In addition, the new E-Fullys will come from 2018 with the Boost Standard. The rear hub grows in its width from 142 to 148 mm. The front hub has an increase from 100 to 110mm. Therefore, in frames with the BOOST standard in addition to the usual 29er wheels and 27.5 rear wheels can be mounted with Plus tires. The crank also pushes outward by 3mm, which provides additional stability in the area of the bottom bracket.


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