News 06.12.2018 Innsbruck

Track Tour Transalp 2019 released!

The overall track of the Tour Transalp 2019 was presented on the 4th of December 2018.

It has been known for some time that the start will take place in the footsteps of the 2018 Road Bike World Championships in Innsbruck/Austria. This Thursday, the entire route was presented. The first stage leads the participants across the Brenner from Innsbruck to Brixen. The following three stages are going to be really tough. With approximately 130 kilometers each and more than 3,400 vertical meters, the starter will face a huge schedule. Climbs such as the Gavia Pass, Umbrail Pass, Ofen Pass, Mendel Pass and others will make things difficult for cyclists. The 5th stage appears with "just" over 2,500 meters with an easy task. However, this stage also has its pitfalls, because the Mortirolo Pass must be conquered. Anyone who is familiar with this climb knows that it will be extremely steep and challenging especially after the efforts on the stages before. Via Switzerland Livigno, to Italy Aprica and Val di Sole, the Transalp returns to Riva del Garda as in 2018. Here you get an overview of the stages and the selected locations:


1st Stage: Innsbruck-Brixen 90,08 km 1174 Hm

2nd Stage: Brixen-Kaltern am See 143,40 km 3473 Hm

3rd Stage: Kaltern am See – Bormio 137,02 km 3749 Hm

4th Stage: Bormio – Livigno 133,43 km 3455 Hm

5th Stage: Livigno – Aprica 109,23 km 2458 Hm

6th Stage: Aprica – Val di Sole 84,93 km 2251 Hm

7th Stage: Val di Sole – Riva del Garda 99,91 km 2299 Hm

Overall 2019: 798 km and 18.859 meters of climbing.

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