News 14.05.2018 Lana – Gampenpass

Team Corratec Leader Spögler beats the Italian Zamboni at the Gampenpass Race!

Michael Spögler won the Lana/Gampenpass race on Saturday 12.05.2018 with 48 seconds advantage over the reigning Italian champion Andrea Zamboni. The total length of 17.5 km and 1,204 metres above the pass shows a gradient of 8 – 9% over long distances. A total of 1,204 metres of altitude must be dealt with at the race.

At the previous MendelRace – on the 07.04.2018 from Appiano to Mendel Pass – Michael Spögler was already able to celebrate the 2nd place, "only" in the sprint beaten by Zamboni! Through good preparation and planning, Spögler now managed to beat the sprint-strong mountain specialists. What a success!


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