Safety first with Ebikes

How dangeous are ebikes? corratec asked this question in found a great solution for it.

New frame technology for safe e-Bikes: What is the reason for the need of such an unique innovation. Nowadays e-bikes are common tools for a comeback on a bike especially for people who did not ride a bicycle for a long time. This development is a huge challenge for dealers and producers in the same way in order to implement goods along the consumer needs and remain successfully. Due to the fact that soft and instable frames boost the insecurity of less talented riders, the danger of potential accidents increases in a tremendous way. In contrast to that safety and stiffness are crucial adjectives because e-bikes are mostly required of unexcercised people or seniors with inferior reactivity. That is the purpose of corratec and the revolutionary „Fusion Tube Edge-frame-technology“. Ever 2017 eBikes from corratec are equipped with the new eBike feature “Fusion Tube Edge” which is charactarized by a comb structure as well as an edge for more stability and stiffness with the same weight. The result: The worlds safest and stiffest corratec e-bike frame.



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