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Review Tour Transalp 2019

This years Tour Transalp started at the footsteps of last years roadbike world championchip in Innsbruck, Austria on Sunday the 23rd of June 2019. The starting field contained strong riders that were all competing for the overall victory. Our factory road racing team - Team corratec & friends - went to the starting line with 3 teams including the winner of the last two editions, Frederic Glorieux and Bob Michels.

Team corratec & friends 1:

At the fast and short first stage from Innsbruck to Brixen the main goal was clear defined: Not loosing time! Frederic and Bob crossed the finish line with the main peloton and showed a solid performance on the first stage. The next stage was already a hard one. With more than 3.000 meters of climbing the favorites had to show their best possible performance in order to keep all chances for a podium place. Unfortunately Glorieux and Michels had some health problems and they lost a lot of time at the 2nd and the following stages. Nevertheless both riders were still highly motivated and fought for stage victories. At the 6th stage the teamwork went out perfectly and Glorieux and Michels took with an outstanding performance the stage victory. At the final prestigious stage to Riva del Garda they scored the 2nd stage victory. A phenomenal success and a huge effort.

Team corratec & friends 2:

Daniel Debertin and Andreas Schmoll showed a constant and strong performance. On each stage they crossed the finish line among the top ten overall. Especially on the hard climbs they went well and felt very comfortable. On the 6th stage Daniel crashed on a high speed descent. Luckily he had only some small injuries and continued the race on the 7th and final stage to Riva del Garda. All in all a huge and outstanding effort of both riders during the whole week.

Team corratec & friends 3:

Isabell and Florian Vogel competed in the Mixed category of this years Tour Transalp. On the first stage they scored a podium result with the 3rd place. On the following stages they defended their position among the top ten overall in their category. On the last two stages Isabell and Florian Vogel crossed the finish line once agian on the podium with two 3rd places. All in all they came to the 4th place and showed also amazing performances.

VIP Guests:

This year we had the honour to host the former ski world champion Frank Wörndl and his son Marlon during the whole week of the Tour Transalp. Frank celebrated his 60th birthday during the Tour. A very special moment for all participants.

For the demanding track of the Tour Transalp the riders of the Team corratec & friends rely on the premium carbon road bike CCT EVO. The roadbike fits perfectly for the long and steep climbs as well as high speed descents.

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