News 26.05.2019


After hard work the aim will be podium

The Mountainbike Racingteam had four weeks of advanced training. The professionals have integrated the German Enduro Championships and also the World Cup in the Czech Republic, Nove Mesto. In June the the whole training should pay off! The aim will be a podium in the worldcup.


A Bundesliga race in Heubach, a 120 kilometer marathon in Willingen and Riva del Garda, the Germans Enduro championships and a World Cup race, for the German Mountain Bike Racing Team this is not a Season highlight, that's what a preparation phase looks like. "We have deliberately accepted that our athletes are not fresh on the starting line in May. Sometimes you have to sacrifice races in order to to be able to win. We do not want to be "wischiwaschi" and in June you will see if our strategy pays off. and we are once again on the international podium", says team boss Kerstin Thum about the Competition planning for their athletes. In detail, it looked like every athlete had special competitions built into his training. The Both sprinters Simon Gegenheimer (GER/30) and Marion Fromberger (GER/18) use among other things the German Enduro Championships. Place 14 for Gegenheimer and 11 for his female teammate. Were in the books: "Enduro represents high quality technical and speed training but also fun on the biking. The result was absolutely not important but Top 15 for both of us is totally ok ", comments the four-time German champion on his brief change to a another discipline. Already next week, Gegenheimer and Fromberger want to strike, at the World Cup in French Villard de Lans near Grenoble. Fromberger will start for the first time as the worldcup leader. "I'm a little nervous before the race in the white leader jersey. My team as often as I like to say that I should not put any pressure on myself", said the 18-year-old. after their opening victory in Barcelona. However, the track should also be suitable for opponents, because in is in the Alps, short, steep climbs are also expected in the finals. Training has also been the focus of the team's long-distance specialists in recent weeks. Steffen Thum (GER/34) and Rémi Laffont (FRA/27) are meanwhile preparing for the stage races over the Pyrenees and Alps. Here they expect daily over 3.000 meters of altitude and since they have already won the TransPYR and the AlpsEpic, the expectations are accordingly high. "We should have enough outine in our preparation for such races. For me, the form is clearly going up, also if you don't recognize this directly from the result of the training. But if you have a Crosscountry World Cup out of 30 training hours, then this is not a bad thing. so Thum, who constantly improved by position 100 at the race in the Czech Nove Mesto /CZE. And then there are the national championships in June. Both in Germany and in Israel and at both races the mountain bike racing team would like to take home medals. So it will become clear how far the plan will work. The aims are already their.

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