Michael Spögler wins the Glockerkönig ULTRA 2019

and team corratec & friends wins the team ranking (Glockerköing Ultra) 2019!




The podium for team corratec & friends:

Glocknerkönig ULTRA - 28.9 km with 1814 Hm

Michael Spögler - Glocknerkönig Ultra - Ultra course record with 1: 23:39 h - 1st place overall and category

Daniel Debertin - 3rd place category and 4th place

Overall Victory in the team ranking ULTRA -Michael Spögler (P 1), Daniel Debertin (P 3), Bob Michels (P 5), Martin Reisner (P 10), Andreas Schmoll (P 13) and Ben Witt (P 15) - all among the top 15

The top highligt for team corratecs success story:

The cult Uphill challenge for all cycling enthusiasts on the roads to the highest mountain in Austria

The races and routes:

Glocknerkönig Light Start from 07:45 am toll at Ferleiten 1.115 mH Destination Fuschertörl Memorial Chapel 2.445 mH 12.5 km Gradient: max. 12% difference in altitude: 1330 Hm

Glocknerkönig Classic course record 1:15:17 hours in 2005 Roland Stauder (including 8x Glocknerkönig) Start at 7:00 pm on the village square Bruck 27 km at a maximum gradient of 12%, 1,694 Hm route: Bruck 757m, Fusch 780 m , Ferleiten 1.115 m, Fuschertörl - memorial chapel 2.445 m above sea level

Glocknerkönig Ultra - the ultimate challenge since 2018 Track record 2018 1: 25.59 h, Thomas Frauenschuh

New track record 2019 1: 23.39 h, Michael Spögler, Team corratec 2:20 min faster Start is at 7:00 pm on the village square Bruck 28.9 km at a maximum of 15% grade, 1.814 Hm route: Bruck 757 m, 780 m Fusch, Ferleiten 1,115 m, branch to the parking lot Fuschertörl to 2,394 m, with the Ultra Challenge with the Climb to the summit via 7 more bends and on cobblestones Altitude difference = 1,815 vertical meters Destination Edelweißspitze at 2,572m above sea level.

This is the highest officially navigable summit in the Alps!

Total height difference = 1,815 meters in altitude

Congratulations to Michael Spögler and the whole team corratec & friends 2019




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