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Local magazine reports about corratec and e-mobility

A local daily magazine namely OVB, reported about our company and the trend of e-bikes and e-mobility. Therefore the editor of the ressort economy visited our headquarter and interviewed the CEO Konrad Irlbacher. During this interview they discussed the importance of corratec for the regional labour market and the future trend of e-mobility. Corratec is a well embedded producer of bikes and is charactarized by unique technologies and goods. So developed the bavarian firm in 1997 the first road bike with disc brakes. Further technologies followed such as the Inside Link, the Fusion Tube Edge and finally in 2018 the integrated power pack with the Shadow Edge Tube. All among the claim of corratec: Passion of cycling. In 2011/2012 there was a change, pedelecs conquered the bike industry and created new possibilities for growth in a more and more saturated market. Nowadays there are more than 680.000 sold E-Bikes particularly in germany. And Konrad Irlbacher emphasized a further development: E-Mobility in large urban areas. E-Bikes could solve a lot of problems like limited parking areas and smog in cities with a great population such as Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich. This theory of Konrad Irlbacher can be underlined by a survey of one of the leading manufacturer of E-Bike power units, the german company Bosch. The main purpose of the survey is that already in ten years every second bike will have an electrical engine. Another special point of E-Bikes is that the so called time to market, the time from the development to the selling introduction, is relatively short and therefore the most competitors release almost every year a new technology and product range. This leads to the fact that the expectations of the customers in terms of novelties are tremendously. Corratec has to deal with this challenge. In 2018 the producer released a completely new world of corratec with the e-bike LifeS. The special geometry of the bike enables the rider to place the feed on the ground while staying seated in a comfortable position on the saddle. The image video became one of the most famous commercial movies in the bike industry and embedded corratec in a new world. For the future there are a lot of new ways to use the electrical engine, for instance the sector of sport e-mtb is getting even more important and also the road range is a possible field for e-bikes. Actually Konrad Irlbacher lead the company together with his wife Cielo Irlbacher. (OVB, Elisabeth Sennhenn, Wednesday the 17th of January 2018)

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