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Glocknerkönig 2018

Team corratec at „Glocknerkönig“ 2018 - Success through mental and physical strength

The „Glocknerkönig „ is a legendary Bike Event that took place on the challenging Großglockner road in the Alps, last Weekend. And again, Team corratec was able to persuade with outstanding results. The athletes had to pass 1694hm on a track that was 27 kilometres long and had a steep climb at an average of 10%. The race is very precious for the team, not only because of the magnificent mountain view, but also because of the stunning results of the last years. Since 2010 Team corratec set the winner of the „Glocknerkönig“ 5 times and was already able to win the team ranking 5 times. Caused by the strong performance during the last years, they set their aims very high to satisfy their high claims. Although almost the whole team was enervated due to some illnesses, they had the motto to give their very best. Very important was the mental strength and the teamwork. Their aim was to represent their team on a high level, with a strong volition. Their hard struggle was very successful and so they could reach their goals amongst 3000 athletes. The team leader Michael Spögler was able to jump on to the podium at his first start at „Glocknerkönig“. He won his age category (20-29) and was third in the overall ranking. Team-youngest Tomas Mojares also celebrated a very fast win in his youth class. Once again, the corratec-team could manage to win the team ranking this year because of great team work. Spögler and Berndl started with a strong performance and ended up on the ranks 3 and 6 overall. Mojares and Döring also delivered with fast times. Reisner and Emmerich completed the good team result. The team is very happy that they could achieve such great results and are proud of their physical and mental strength. The atmosphere during the event was great and a lot of participators wanted to make photos with the „corratec team” to have a nice memory. .

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