News 11.01.2018

Andrea Pendini: Review 2017 and Outlook

The italian MTB rider and memeber of the team Lunardi - corratec, Andrea Pendini, had a very successfull race season 2017. He took several podium and victories in his age class. By taking into consideration his outstanding results, there are three highlights to point out. Certainly one has to highlight the bronze medal in his category at the Cross Country World Championships in La Massana Andorra. Furthermore he took the victory at the challenging mtb-marathon in Val di Sole, Italy, and therefore the title as national marathon champion. Finally at the italian cross country championships he crossed the finish line in third place. All in all Andrea prooved with the tremendous results in 2017 that he is part of the world elite in mtb marathon and cross country cycling. For 2018 Andrea concentrate on the euorpean marathon and cross country championships, the national Championships and finally in July the Cross Country World Championships. We look forward to the upcoming races and wish Andrea and his team, Lunardi - corratec, all the best for the season 2018.

The favorite bike of Andrea is our cross country rocket Revolution 29 SL Eagle. The Carbon Hardtail impress with a beautiful design, stiffness and lightweight. HERE you get directly to the carbon Hardtail Range.

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