News 26.05.2018 - 27.05.2018 Radstadt

Amade Radmarathon

The Amadé Radmarathon provide a superb route guidance through a spectacular scenery. Since 25 years the Amadé Radmarathon is fixed component in the amateur race schedule. The area around the starting location Radstadt/Austria has a beautiful mountain view. A varying supporting program make the Amadé Radmarathon to the perfect start of a long and hard amateur racing season.

 Michael Spögler was able to get the next overall win in 2018. He won also his categorie and his Team college Roland Döring got second in the Master Categorie.

Two tough victorys for the Team placeing at the marathon:

  • 96 km Long Track Johannes Berndl, Tomas Mojares and Martin Reisner
  • 147 km Long Track Michael Spögler, Roland Döring and Markus Emmerich

27.05.2018, Radstadt / AUT

On Sunday 27 of mai the 25. Amade Bikemarathon started with over 700 Roadbikefanatics. The Race started at 7:30 am and had three different tracks: 53, 96 or 147 KM. The Bikemarathon offers three different tracks with  53, 96 or 147 KM and gives Beginners and pros the possibilitiy to race on a challanging road track.  The Track goes through quite a lot of tourist attractions and goes through the Salzburger Sportworld and the Steiermark. The Team Corratec participated with 6 Teamriders: 

Johannes Berndl, Tomas Mojares and MartinReisner started on 96 km  track with 1535 meters of altitude.

Michael Spögler, Roland Döring und Markus Emmerich took on the 147 km track with 2221 meters of altitude

After quite a lot of races the Team is now in "Racemode" and the Team processes are running now smophly. All is directed to the Aim for a great Race. 

Arrival Friday evening, Saturday Bike specific athletics training, Special warm up for the race day 1: 30h duration with route exploration on selected possibly race-critical route sections, material check, Relaxing and "self" massages, Teambriefing for the race. Focused on racing, on his opportunities, chances and his "job" in Teamwork: the u.a. Team corratec riders have already been allowed to win more often: 2014 Klaus Steinkeller, 2015 Helmut Trettwer and 2016 Johannes Berndl'(who is now back in the Team after a break). Team corratec had worked out a plan A and a plan B after training and experiences of the last year.

However, with variants, because this race can develop very differently at the beginning which can be also race-deciding. And so it was, as it describes Team Corratec Leader Michael Spögler in his exciting educational review with the title: "Thriller-final at the Amadé Bikemarathon !!" All Team Corratec riders were in the lead from the beginning and after the first ascents.

When we arrived at the top of Ramsau am Dachstein - the field had already split into several small groups that were now starting to hunt each other and there was a lot of dedicated attention needed so that the team corratec leaders could stay in the first group and rimind there without getting any other competitiors in the first group. At the same time the Team tried to stay at the best possible personal place at the finish in order to get the best possible time for the team ranking on the two tracks were the time of the 3 fastest riders Count. 

Nobody should be behind or get other problems. Martin Reisner on the 96 km track and Markus Emmerich on the 147 km tracks had some Health Performance issues and could not performe on ther usual form.  But the performance of both riders was very important for the two Teams.

From St. Johann/ Pongau, about 40 km to the finishline, the thriller finale started: Strong attacks and breakaway attempts. But in the end we managed to win the race and got top positions for the rest of the team. After a super fast breakaway we went in a 90 ° turn on the last good 500 m. The curvy track was rising to the finishline, with a heavy ramp. The last 200 m came to cobblestones. And here 2 team corratec riders won their sprints in an impressive manner: Michael Spögler as the overall winner - who as a mountain biker is not a designated top sprinter. Roland Döring came behind with the big second group and showed visibly and routinely everything, which earned him the deserved second place in the master category.

The team Corratec reviewed the successful race with a effective strategy and could celebrate the Victory during the Award cérémonie in the middle of Radstadt.  And at the same time is motivated for the Uphill highlight "Glocknerkönig" on the weekend 03.06.2018..

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