LifeS AP5

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The corratec LifeS AP5 with the 500Wh battery and the highly economical Bosch Active Plus engine fits not only for the city, but also for small e-trkking tours is the bike the perfect choice. With high quality Ergotec components and the wide Innova tires, the bike offers a pleasant, comfortable and safe riding behaviour at all times.

  • One Size Frame

  • Customized mud guards.

  • Powerful Bosch Active Plus engine.





Corratec LifeS 2018 +

The One size frame of the corratec Life fits for every person. The special geometry enables you to stay with your feed on the ground while sitting in the saddle. The bike is the perfect companion for cruising through the city and the powerful Bosch Active Plus engine provides a super comfortable and easy ride. With the different mud guards you can individualize your very own Life S.

  • Material: Alu 6061 PG
  • One Size fits all.
  • Customized mud guards.
  • Unique frame geometry.
Shimano Disc Brake MT200 front +
  • Size brake disc: 180 mm
Shimano Disc Brake MT200 rear +
  • Size brake disc: 160 mm
Ergotec Vorbau Cobra +
Handle bar:
Ergotec Bügel EWG +
Corratec Trekking Saddle +
Seat post:
ZZYZX Twin Bolt +
  • Outer diameter: 30.9 mm
  • Material: Carbon0


ZZYZX E-Power Crank +
  • Number of chainrings; Ratio: 1s; 42T
Shimano Nexus +
  • Number of pinions; Ratio: 8s; 18
Shift levers:
Shimano NEXUS Revo Shifter +


ZZYZX Trekking +
  • Rim outer diameter: 20.00 zoll
  • Number of spokes: 36
  • Material: Carbon0
Innova 20 x 30" +
  • Width: 76 mm
  • Type of tires: clincher with tubes


Chainwheel Ratio:
1s; 42T
Cassette Ratio:
8s; 18
Size Brake Disc
180 mm front
160 mm rear
BOSCH Active Line Plus +

Harmoniously balanced or assertively powerful? Natural is what's important. The Bosch riding sensation creates a unique eBike experience. Three sensors measure pedaling power, cadence, and speed more than 1000 times per second. This enables the rider and the eBike to interact with each other organically. Just the right level of support with every push of the pedal – for relaxed bike tours and more power for everyday use. Ideal for leisure eBike enthusiasts, Drive Unit Active Cruise provides support at speeds up to 25 km/h and optimally balanced power.

  • Max speed: 25 km/h
  • Power: 250 watt
  • Torque: 50 Nm (J)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Exceptional design
BOSCH PowerPack 500 Performance +

PowerPack 500, 400 and 300 are, with optimum range, the perfect choice for eMountain bikers, sporty riders and commuters. The lithium-ion battery has the highest energy density, smallest dimensions and lowest weight on the market. By coupling two PowerPacks, the DualBattery system gives you double range.

  • Energy: 500 wh
  • Outstanding battery efficiency
  • Easy to store and quick to recharge
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Long service life
AXA Compact Line 35 +

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