Range: Road Racing



I have been actively developing and building frames for around 45 years. Over the years I have often been questioned why I keep myself busy with constructing and engineering individual bicycle frames. My answer is simple: “It never gets boring, just more interesting.” The demands of riders are complex, usually they develop an awareness of what they really want when we are discussing personal measurements and needs. My favourite and most fulfilling moment is when I can hand the finished bicycle over to its owner. An individual product for an individual person. I get a sense of pride seeing a customer sitting perfectly on their bike knowing that special product came from me.

Legendary know-how.


Benefit from the long-time experience of Mauro Sannino in handmade frame-buildung. Countless handmade bicycle frames left his small factory in the many years. Including many frames for Olympic and World Champions. Guarantees legendary lightweight professional frames.

Premium frame material

Each Mauro Sannino frame is custombuilt to suit your personal physique, riding style and design preferences.

Unique frames.

 A thorough analysis of all relevant body measurements builds the foundation for a customized production of the frame and all parts. The result is a perfectly crafted frame to meet your highest demands.